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Shea butter is packed with fatty acids and these acids serve as a protective area you apply it to.Its very moisturizing and its shelf-life is ridiculously long, it lasts a very, very long time.

It also has some UV protection which helps provides SPE, vitamin A and E which is a huge componant , it helps fight against aging and absolutely great for babies.

you can use it anywhere on your body, hair, skin, remove makeup, remove cuticles, use as a primer for make-up, its a daily moisturizer,and great for chapped lips. it help heals rashes, blemishes, stretchmarks,eczema, discoloration uneven skin and so much more!

It makes an excellent base for DIY deordorant, chap stick, lotion, creams exfoliating soaps hair cream body butters and stretchmark balms!

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Word of Mouth

Absolutely love PAC products! my packages arrive on time, everything in tact!

- Malinda. W - 

Finally, I found something better than anything I've ever tried. It really helps my joints and mobility!Once you try these products you wont regret it!

I'm so excited!!! My products arrived today and they smell so Good!

- Andre .T - 

- Sharee .A - 

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