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About PAC

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My name is Crystal,  Owner of Pure As Crystal! I've been on a journey to help myself


become a better me, mind, body, and soul. I also decided a long time ago  to


not keep world's greatest ingredients and products to myself!


I absolutely love whipping different kinds of body butter and soaps Ive come


across countless people from different walks of life and their famlies who are


suffering from skin conditions and hair problems. I may not have all the


answers to these conditions but I'm certainly determined to do my part in


making life easier and manageable for them. I'm progressing  in my reserch to


perfect my craft so I have models (family and Friends) who are using my


products and updating me of their process, feel free to check out the testimonial,


I'm amazed at what these amazing products are doing in the lives of many


individuals, and I will only get better.     


my base product is Shea Butter because It does a tremendous job on the entire


hair and body, so here's a little history on it. 


 The Shea tree produces a flesh green fruit that cover a very amazing nut. Shea


nut is  a major source of income for over 900.000 woman in Northern Ghana.

the process of Shea butter begins with picking and gathering the nuts.


The shell is then removed and then processed by boiling.After they are dry,


cracked and removed from the nut kernal, The nuts are then pounded into small pieces so that they can fry it. Then they are grinded with stones.It is then


mixed shea and water by hand. The final step is boiling them, once the shea


rises to the top it is then scooped up and cooled down for use.

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