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Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone.

It November 13, 2023, the sun is up with a few clouds this morning. I absolutely love fall season! The leaves fall, and the cool evening breeze is what I look forward to every evening. December is coming around the corner and all of what I've been waiting for begins. Chritmas movies, coco bars and decorating the home is amoung the many things I love to do. Music playing laughter and love makes it all worth the hussle and bussle of this season.

If you're like me, you want so many things; the happy home,massive savings and a healthy body. The thriving business, healthy friendships and me time every weekend! You want to be able to stat in bed and get breakfast, lunch, and dinner served to you Monday-Friday, with a getaway trip once a month.Ok, I may be exaggerating a little but you get my drift. lol.

Friend, you have to get out of your comfort zone to experience it.

The image you see above is one I took of myself in one of thee hardest times of my life. I was on the verge of letting it all go; the family, my job,etc. A week to the day I took the picture, I was laying in bed with all of the curtains closed. I had recieved some devesating news about a family member. a freind came by and pulled me out of bed and said, "enough is enough We are going to take a walk get dressed." I reluctantly lifted my legs which felt like lead, off of the bed. I went into the bathroom and turned on the light, I was looking a hot messed to say the least! I washed my face brushed my teeth and took a shower.

My friend asked if I was ok, I said said yes form the other side of the door. By the time I arrived back in my room, I closed the door and sat quietly on my bed and asked myself " what am I doing?"

As I proceeded to pick out my clothes, I stood in the door of the closet and thought " made it this far, I smell great, let me put a wig on!"

You Don't have to it all together to start, just start!

I opened the door of my room to see my friend standing there in total shock. I didn't say anything, I walked back into the bathroom and looked myself in the mirror and begin to speak life over myself and declare theat this was the beginning of a brand new day!

Maybe you never been depressed, but you been stuck for a very long time. Could it be that you are stuck, because you are comfortable? You like where you are because you can do the minimal of anything and get by. It doesnt mattered to you that life is passing you by and yelling back to you to GET ON BOARD!

One of the first and best things you could ever do to get out of your comfort zone is KILL YOUR FLESH! Your fleshly desires loves to get what it wants, when it wants. KILLING YOUR FLESH is saying NO! No to toxic frienships, no to the late nights staying out all nights when you should be up at night building your dreams for your future, no to overeating, and intoxication of any form. Some of our comfort Zones have claimed us for many years and we don't even reognize it.

Ask yourself these three questions.

Who Am I?

Why was I Created?

How Am I going to Empact the nation?


you are not here by accident, you are here by devine purpose!

Get out of your OWN way and win!

You can't want what you want laying down, you're you powerful enough and wise enough to pull yourself up from your bootstraps and EXECUTE

There are so many life to are going to touch just by showing up for YOURSEF everyday

Decide from this day forward you are enough and have the wherewithal to get the job done, and you are not allowing excuese from your past mistakes, failed freiendship, or money problems to get in the way of you suceeding.

Some of you need need a push just like I did when my friend came over and said get up , thats ok, but do what you gotta do to win!

Remeber you have a friend, and a sister in your head ( thats me) to tell you, YOU CAN DO IT!

Don't be shy, Leave me a comment down below or inbox me on Facebook at Resilient Woman 2.0

Rember , you are not on this journey alone. We are in this together!

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