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about me.


 Crystal Washington is a wife, mother, speaker, author, business owner, and passionate about empowering "resilient women." She is the founder of Resilient Woman 2.0 and author of  Triumph Over Tragedy.  She is also the owner of Pure As Crystal. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, fishing, empowering individuals to rise from the ashes, doing DIY, boxing, spending time with family and friends during the Holidays.


From a young child, she always knew she was different with a hint of special from her peers. ​She's overcome many challenges in life through her faith in God and determination to keep going. One of the key ingredients to her success is the God-given ability to believe in herself and bounce back from hardship.  She knows what it is like to win and looseShe stands on the shoulders of many women who have paved the way for her to be fearless in the face of adversity. her objective in life is to fulfill her calling by teaching women how to be resilient through her life story.



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